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We have sound files available for some of our instruments.

So, whenever you see the icon to the right, click it to hear notes from the instrument.

All files are in .mp3 format.

All files were played
and recorded by our intern, Lewis Keller.

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Drums and Other Instruments

Palm Pipe Drum with Optional Musical Panel

Palm Pipe Drums are dome top PVC pipes in a stand, played with the palm of the hand.
1. Pentatonic  (6 pitches)
2. Diatonic  (8 pitches

Tongue Drums at Missouri Botanical Garden

Tonque Drums are wood box drums with ratio tuning; two pitches per drum.
Ipe’ (Brazilian hardwood) tone producing surface and 2 mallets per drum.
• Set of four drums
• Single tongue drum
• Stands for tongue drums available for
   additional fee

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A Sample in .mp3 Format

Animal Drums

Click on thumbnails below to see larger image, then click on pop-up to close.


Sea Turtle


Box Turtle

Animal drums are box drum sculptures with 2 mallets - Each painted animal is unique.
Ipe’ (Brazilian hardwood) tone producing surface (four pitches).
Head, feet, tail and sides of animal are carved from "Trex" brand wood/polymer lumber.
Mallets are made from UV rated polyurethane rod, strung on vinyl coated cable.
Alligator/Dragon: 13”h. x 82”l. x 20”w.
Box Turtles: 14”h. x 42”l. x 29”w.
Alligator/Dragon: 13”h. x 82”l. x 20”w.
Sea Turtles: 13”h. x 47”l. x 45”w.
Note: Animal drums must be fastened down for optimal sound and safety.

Installation hardware is included with the instruments.
• Stands for animal drums are available for an additional fee.

(Based on the rain stick tube rattle of the Americas)  22 inch diameter PVC pipe wheel with stainless steel screws and galvanized steel hardware ready for mounting.  Painted blue (or your choice).
(Shown with optional stand)

A giant (60” tall) thumb piano (Sansa, Mbira or Rumba box). Six pitches, pentatonic scale



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